Distance Brings Us Close at the Royal Academy

Exciting news

New Studio Space and MORE!
New Studio
I have been in the doldrums and between studios for a while, and it has been hard going. I tried some experiments while waiting for my new space. However, they took me down a blind alley. Then the Black Dog came a-visiting and has sat on my shoulder for what seems an age now.
The letter from the RA was just what I needed to remind me that all is not bleak and to follow that, news came that I would have a new space to work in at Hatch Farm Langport. Several other artists use Hatch as their studio and artistic base. This has been missing from my life for some time now,
I am looking forward to artist interaction and once again having space to move, as my home studio is tiny. I hope you will be able to visit me soon. I will start to move in this week.

Yes, I’m there! Well, Distance brings us close is.
The summer exhibition runs from13th June until the 20th of August https://se.royalacademy.org.uk/2023/coming-soon
I hope you can make it Folks.

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