ashar was born in Surrey, the UK in 1942. Is currently living and working on the Levels in Somerset. Spending the first months of the year on the moors sketching. Using these sketches to reconnect with her feelings for a place, when back in the studio working.

ashar at the RA under 'let go'
Ashar lives and works on the Somerset Levels.
Her studio is based in Langport, celebrated as being ‘the heart of the Levels’. She spends the first months of the year on the moors sketching, and then uses these sketches to reconnect with her feelings for place, when back in her studio.
Since graduating with a BA (Hons) in fine art from Plymouth University, ashar has continually challenged her practice. Working in oils on wooden panels and creating abstract works with the ability to move the viewer, she endeavors to paint her responses to place and not what she sees. With the Levels and moors as her inspiration, ashar says: “I do not want to depict them, I want to express my feelings for them and create work that has the ability to be felt”.
She has work in collections all around the world, including Singapore, Australia, and Europe, as well as a piece in The Millfield Collection. ashar’s s work has twice been a finalist in The Chaiya Art Awards, in 2018 and 2020. Her piece “let go’ was hung and sold at the Royal Academy in 2017. For the last four years, she has had work selected for the second round. She was a finalist in British Woman Artists 2017 and Runner-up for Annex Acquisition Collection Award 2017.

The materials she uses and the processes are an important part of her practice. ashar works in mixed media on wood panels and works mainly in oils with other media such as oil pastel, graphite, metal leaf, crayon, ink pencils, and anything else that may fit the piece.

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