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Fighting the Black Dog

Studio and I long time no see
It has been a while since I ventured into the studio, so I have had to give myself a good talking-to. In doing so, I realized I am and have been for some time now in a depressed state. Which I have been denying to myself. I have been kidding myself that I knew how to control the Black Dog and I would not be fooled by it again. Well, I was wrong, it is not that I can stop it, it is just that I can fight it. By keeping busy and stop kidding myself I’m just being lazy because I am overdue for a rest. Not true. I need to keep busy if I am to keep the black dog away.

WIP - fighting the black dog

After this realisation, the talk went something like this. You need to start working again, can’t be arsed. Why have you stopped the experiments, they are not doing what I wanted them to do, so I can’t be arsed. Why can’t you be arsed? Because the Black Dog is sitting on me, and he will not get off. Well, you know how to get him to go, get into the studio and do some work! Just paint and forget about the experiment they can wait until you are in a better place. Just paint play with colour and mark-making. Do something anything…

WIP in studio
WIP in studio

So, I resolved that when I got up this morning, I would dress for the studio have a good fresh coffee and take a step into the studio. Which I did, I mixed up some colours that appealed to me and just started to paint. I have laid the groundwork for two small paintings and will start some more tomorrow whilst waiting for today to dry back a little I think! I am even looking forward to working on them some more. Watch out Black Dog, you're being worked out…

Watch this space…

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