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"A picture lives by companionship, expanding and quickening in the eyes of the sensitive observer. It dies by the same token. It is therefore a risky and unfeeling act to send it into the world" Rothko

Ashar sees her work as a record of her feelings and emotions for a given place or event. She loves wide open spaces and big skies, the levels and moors being her inspiration. She says, "I do not want to depict them I want to express my feelings for them and create work that can be felt” Her work is atmospheric and invites you into an inner world reaching beyond the material into the realm of the psyche. Offering the viewer, a notion of peace and hope. She uses mark-making as a way of connecting the viewer and evoking a response. Her work is often described as emotional and moving.

My work originates from my psyche, with elements of control, I want you the viewer to feel it; not necessarily to understand it
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Ashar lives and works in Somerset and spends the winter months on the moors and levels wondering and sketching, loving the freedom, and imbibing the essence of the places she chooses to stop and sketch in. These sketches will form the basis for the work she will do in the coming year.

Working in oils, ashar spends many hours mixing colour to achieve the palette that expresses her emotions for a given subject, be that a place or event.

Since graduating with a BA (Hons) from Plymouth University, ashar is continually challenging her work and practice.

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